Andalas Energy & Power Plc is an oil and gas exploration and production company.

We aim to be a leading developer of low-risk conventional upstream assets across Indonesia and the UK.

We are listed on the London AIM Exchange and benefit from a strong team with extensive experience in developing and operating assets in Indonesia and the UK as well as a solid retail shareholder base.

In Indonesia, we plan to acquire and progress conventional on-shore undeveloped discoveries.  Our focus is on assets with low-risk opportunities and high exploration upsides where we can control the timeline of development and expenditure as the majority owner and operator.  We plan to take minority interests in downstream developments in circumstances which will facilitate the advance of our upstream assets.

In the UK, our strategy is to acquire and develop offshore conventional assets with a broad spectrum of maturities, which may include prospective resources.  We will seek both majority and minority interests, with a preference for assets where we can leverage on our management’s North Sea experience.

We aim to deliver superior shareholder returns by:

  • maximising the value of our assets by efficiently upgrading our resources to reserves and bringing them into production; and
  • exercising disciplined capital management including strategic sales and sell-downs of assets.

Simon Gorringe

Chief Executive Officer

October 2018